Monday, September 21, 2009

Humidor for the cigar lover

What is a humidor? Who should use? Why use it?

Humidor is a box or a room used to store cigars or tobacco. Humidors have a constant humidity that protects the cigars from becoming dry or infested with insects. It preserves and improve the cigars. It can be made of wood or acrylic box. It can be found in tobacco shops or in online stores like

Personalized humidors are great gifts to your groomsmen, or to your cigar afficionado friends. carries humidors fit for any personality.

  • The Cabin Series Humidor, made of rustic wood, is perfect for those who love the outdoors, it is available in six outdoor designs.
  • Cigars will retain its freshness when properly monitored in the heirloom quality Cherry Wood Humidor.
  • Perfect for a vacation cabin or beach home, the Crab Shack humidor proclaims “Fresh Crabs Daily”, enticing your friends to come and enjoy the latest tasty catch.>
  • The Golf Academy Humidor is a fun gift for any golfer.
  • For the cigar smoker who is also a football fan, the NFL Cherry Wood Humidor can honor both his passion for the cigar and football. The rich cherry wood humidor features the official NFL logo of his favorite team (teams currently available — Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Houston Texas, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • For the rock and roll lover, get ready to rock with the Roadhouse Humidor.

Humidors are a great investment for cigar loving people, as it preserves your cigars. Aside from the design, it is important to consider a few things when purchasing a humidor. How many cigars would you like to store? How many cigars do have on hand any time? The number of cigars to be placed in a humidor is important, because if there is too much dead space in the humidor, it can throw off the humidity and temperature level. A true cigar lover should choose a humidor that meets his needs.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unique Cufflinks

Are you looking for a stylish gift for a stylish guy?

Why don’t you give him a pair of cufflinks?


Cufflinks are decorative fasteners, worn on two sides of the cuffs, mostly worn during formal occasions.

Cufflinks are timeless accessories to give on different occasions. It will always be a perfect gift for birthdays, christenings, graduations, retirements or any occasion. It is also a perfect gift to show your gratitude to your groomsmen. They can wear it with their tuxedo or their business suits. Wearing a pair of unique or personalized or engraved cuffliks show an amazing appeal and adds more attraction to the person wearing it making him stand out in the crowd. Cufflinks vary on design, shape, and color.

The Brushed Oval Cufflinks, a classic yet contemporary one, while the High Polished Oval Cufflinks is for the man who like to shine, as these high-sheen oval pillow cufflinks catches the light as he enters the room, both are ideal for any formal or business occasion.

The sophisticated gentleman understands that details will always be the mark of a true gentleman. The Silver Round Beaded Cufflinks cut quite a figure with its sublte edge-beading and personalized monogram engraving.

The classic silver cufflinks prove its hip with the Brushed Silver Square Cufflinks with a geometric design that will never go out of style.

For the well-heeled man who appreciates understated elegance, the High Polished Brass Square Cufflinks, with its perfectly honed squares that showcases his engraved initials for a touch of class, will have him styling for any occasion.

The lovely Square Silver-Toned Mirror Cufflinks add a touch of elegance to any formal wear. The Sterling Silver Plated Cufflinks in its handsome black box projects elegance, sophistication and adds sparkle to any man’s formal wardrobe.

Reminiscent of a classic black belt buckle, the Brushed Silver Slotted Cufflinks are versatile enough to wear with a formal tuxedo shirt or rugged denim Oxford.

The dashing collection of cufflinks featuring designs that are a bit out of the ordinary will make you think out of the box. Included in the dashing selection are: the Dashing Blue Square and the Dashing Silver Square Cufflinks prove its hip to be square, the Dashing $$$ (Dollar Sign) Cufflinks, the Dashing Aces Cufflinks, the Dashing Silver Ball Cufflinks, the Dashing Blue Knot Cufflinks will jazz up any wardrobe, the Dashing Blue Rectangle Cufflinks are embellished with three blue rectangles, he’ll always be headed in the right direction with the Dashing Compass Cufflinks, the pair of Dashing Dice Cufflinks will make anyone a high roller, the pair of Dashing Domino Cufflinks will add some fun even to the most formal affair, luck will always be on his side with the pair of Dashing Horseshoe Cufflinks, he’ll be in the driver’s seat when he sports a pair of the Dashing Stick Shift Cufflinks, the pair of Dashing Superman Cufflinks will make anyone feel like a super hero, and the Dashing Thermometer Cufflinks will always keep him cool. All dashing collection of cufflinks are packaged in an attractive personalized silver-tone case, these cufflinks add a little pizzazz to any wedding attire.

Engraved or personalized cufflinks are considered a status symbol, so a person needs to be picky of the cufflinks that would ultimately groom his personality. One needs to explore the web to find a unique pair of cufflinks.

-- by Liv Reyes (15 August, 2009 @ 7:53 AM)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Elegant Flasks for any occasion

Liquor Flask, especially if they are personalized, is one of the timeless presents to give to absolutely anyone who loves to drink. It can be given as a graduation gift, father’s day gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, groomsmen gift or just a gift for a special someone. Liquor Flasks comes in different varieties and shapes, and it can also be personalized or customized.

Here are some of the available flasks in the market:
  • For the lover of all things military, the masculine Green Camouflage Flask is a perfect gift. This handsome personalized flask, trimmed with black leather, features the recipient’s name or initial and includes a funnel for easy filling and refilling, stores and holds 8 ounces of your favorite alcoholic beverage or other refreshment and is easy to conceal. While the Green Camouflage Flask is perfect for handsome guys, there is also the girly Pink Camouflage Flask for the girl who loves bringing her favorite drink along with her.
  • The Scottish-themed personalized Green Plaid 8 Oz Flask, adorned with its green tartan pattern and rich brown leather accent, is a guy gift that is Scottish through and through. It is just the right size to slip into any pocket.
  • Suitable for both male or female and sporting vibrant hues, the Spectrum Flasks, is available in nearly every color — one for every personality.
  • The stylish round Manhattan Flask says “class” from its simple yet chic design to the elegant center monogram makes it a perfect gift for the sophisticated man. Fashioned from highly polished stainless steel with an easy-to-open screw-on cap, it fits easily in a pocket or briefcase.
  • The contemporary design of the Oxford Flask with Shot meets modern technology with this handsome stainless steel pocket flask. The leather center, embossed with a braided pattern, holds a personalized removable shot glass that easily pops in and out. It offers an ideal solution for sanitation, with its removable shot glass, you can share the libation without sharing the cooties.
  • The Triangular Flask with Funnel is not your average flask! It doesn’t even look like a flask with its sleek and modern unique design is easy to hold and simple to open and close. Even in its triangular shape, it still holds as much liquid as the most traditional flasks and is small enough to conceal in a pocket.
  • The horn-shaped, personalized brass and silver plated Millenium flask puts a new twist on a vintage item. Its unique two-sided design holds 2.5 ounces of liquid and its distinctive shape makes it easy to grasp. It fits easily into a pocket or purse and stays out sight when necessary.
  • You can’t dial out put you can enjoy what’s inside this whimsical personalized Cell Fone Flask. It is small enough to fit in any pocket and easily mistaken for the real thing!
  • Ingeniously designed with a polished stainless steel finish, the Stainless Steel Cigar Case and Flask Combo holds one cigar and 1.5 oz of liquor. Its slick dual functionality makes it a perfect gift for the modern gentleman with two necessities: a fine cigar and a fine drink. This gives him a way to conveniently travel with both.
  • The Brushed Flask and Zippo Lighter Gift Set is truly a two-gifts-in-one classy duo. A personalized compact brushed finished flask allows him to carry his favorite beverage discreetly and the elegant matching genuine Zippo lighter can be conveniently stowed in a pocket or briefcase for a quick light whenever he needs it. Flask holds 4 ounces of his favorite libation.

It is not difficult to look for a flask since it is very popular. Flasks can also be ordered online like the one’s offered in Their flasks can be customized with engravings (monograms, quotes, initials, etc.) for free and delivered straight to your door.

-- by Liv Reyes
(10 August, 2009 @ 7:39 AM)

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stylish Summer Bag

Summer is a busy season. It’s the perfect time to go outside and have fun. With the sunshine and warm weather, there are a lot of events happening everywhere during this season. Whether you’re planning a day trip to the beach or go to the market or just anywhere, your best companion would be a perfect summer bag for your trip.

There are an endless array of summer bags to choose from that can give your warm weather outfits a lift. Some of them can even be personalized like these bags available at

Stylish Summer Bag

Stylish Summer Bag

Beach Tote ‘Em Bag – with its reinforced bottom and long, sturdy handles, it is strong enough to carry all your summer essentials. This personalized black and tan tote bag has a zippered closure for keeping items and a handy outside pocket for keys or cellphone.

Candy Striped Tote Bag — with its pink and white color, its adds a touch of femininity to any outfit, perfect for a day at the beach, a quick plane trip or just as an everyday purse. This roomy bag has handles long enough to carry on the shoulder, a zipper for keeping essentials inside, and a small outside pocket for those items that require quick retrieval.

Metro Tote ‘Em Bag — this attractive and sturdy personalized tote bag can haul just about anything. It is ideal for those times when a large bug is too cumbersome. It is fashioned in black and tan and has sturdy handles for easy carrying.

Organic Eco-Tote Bag — carry your beach belongings in style and help save the environment at the same time. This lovely organic tote bag is an “eco-choice” item, fashioned from 100% organic cotton fabric. It is spacious and perfect for a day on the town or at the beach.

Pretty in Pink Sport Bag — this pretty in pink sports bag adds a touch of femininity at the gym or anywhere it goes. It features lots of pockets as well as a large main compartment, sturdy handles, and a handy shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Summer is all about casual comfort, and keeping things light and bright. Invest in a summer tote that has a little bit of color, or some elegant details.

-- by Liv Reyes (24 June, 2009 @ 2:41 PM)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Picture Frame

Looking for a great baby shower gift to a friend’s baby shower party or just a perfect gift to healthy baby? There a lot of possible gifts to bring. Most gifts are specifically only for the baby, some are for the parents, some are for the family members, but what can you give that can be used by the child even when he grew up.

Infants grow up very fast and parents are very fond of capturing the special moments in their new baby’s life. ll the firsts in the child’s life, first smile, first crawl, first walk, first everything are being monitored through photos. What better way to store these photos aside from the usual photo album is a picture frame.

Consider giving a baby picture frame, a gift that can sure be used and serve as a remembrance. It has a lasting quality and serves as an enjoyment for everyone who will see it in the years to come.

Here are some Baby Picture Frame you can choose from:

a. Baby Magazine Frame – With its unique personalized magazine front cover design, colorful background and a list of whimsical article emblazoned on the front, this cute frame is a wonderful addition to the nursery or any other room at the baby’s new house.

b. Children’s Frame (Multiple Images) — This make a great room decoration and keepsake.

c. Now Baby Boy Magazine Frame –Here’s a unique and comical personalized photo frame for tht new baby boy that wll surely keep everyone laughing. The text on the frame is filled with funny baby-related “articles” and a space in the center for his sweet little face.

d. Daddy’s Girl Frame — a charming personalized Daddy’s Girl photo frame, fashioned in shades of blue with thin yellow stripes, this is the perfect gift for that little girl.

e. Parchment Frame — An elegant frame that can commemorate a significant event or honor the baby’s birth or baptism.

Traditional baby gifts like bottles, blankets, and clothes are appreciated but chances are those are already bought by the parents themseves. Unique, personalized baby gifts such as the Baby Picture Frame will stand out in the ground and it will definitely last a long time.

Baby Picture Frame

-- by Liv Reyes (21 June, 2009 @ 8:55 AM)

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